Sonnets of Light (8/4/14): “Sacred Intoxication”

“Sacred Intoxication”

A Ghazal by Stanley Castro


Oh, what is this?
I am laughing, laughing, laughing!
I am mad, yes, I am mad like this!
Oh, I am dying, yet I am living!

Oh, what is this?
I could not even drink a cup of coffee,
For even the coffee has become God!
Oh, I’ve never been this mad and crazy!

Oh, I have become Mad!
Oh, for all has become God!
My mind’s sanity I have missed,
Don’t let it go back, for it is better like this!

Oh I love you let’s make love!
Oh God, oh God, oh God!
I am crazy what am I saying?!
Indeed, what am I saying, a holy mock?

Dust and gold are no longer,
That even holy speech and obscenity are one!
Oh! What has happened to me, oh God?
Your Fiery Love indeed has made me indeed, mad!


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