Poetry of Life (8/4/14): “Homesick”


a poem by Sri Jyotishvara


I desire to go back,
Where my Soul recognizes as its first abode.
O Himalayas, sacred nest of the Gods,
Let me drift back unto thy holy soil!

Kailash, the land of my first breath.
Let me savour thy pure atmosphere once more,
As I once have, so shall it be again!
Oh luminous soul, remember and regain!

Oh Meru, the peak of Illumination.
Let me reach the height of thy Light!
Unto thee do I keep my utmost sight.
The path to thee leads us out of this dark night!

Once more, once more, O Ishwara!
Let me return, let me return…
Then there shall I rest once more,
At the abode of the Siddhas and Naga Brahmas!


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