Poetry of Life (6/20/14): “Reminisce”

Who can recount the ecstasy of young love’s lot?
Its ways are confounding, and yet more sweeter than a honeycomb.
Who then can count the seconds when the heart beats not?
Its innocence transforms every darkness into Light, and makes the slumberer rise out of its tomb.

A love forgotten yet lingers in the depths of one’s being;
A treasure long hidden waiting to be unearthed.
Oh, you enchanted by love’s call would never forget the act of seeing;
Witness, the bittersweet essence of a love unrequited!

Love, love, love, why conceal yourself?
Why hide under the veil of which I see you not?
Love, love, o Love, why do you reject my plea and supplication?
O, how my being cries as it sees you not!

Young Lover, heed my cries!
Your eyes are lifeless and dull before me;
What has happened to a love once sought?
Remember, remember, never forget!

Indeed, enliven this flame once more;
And let it light our hearts another time!
Just as it were in the beginning,
Yet, more intense than the fire of yesterday!



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