Poetry of Life: “The Hymn of Abraxas”

The Hymn of Abraxas

by Hiereus Phosphorus
Heinrich Fueger Prometheus

O Abraxas!
Blessed is Your lot Above,
Accursed is Your state Below.
With Your torso below in the boiling semen of Hades,
And Your head crowned above the zenith of the Cosmos.
You are the Grand Image of Man.
Created in the Likeness of Above and Below.
Your secret word is “ABRAHADABRA”.
For You are the Light that came out of Darkness.
Within You is both Chaos and Order.
Light and Darkness swirl beneath Your feet.
The Heavens and the Earth submit to Your heed.
O Man, embody your progenitor!
You are a Star upon the Earth.
Therefore, let your splendour arise!
Conquer both Light and Darkness at Your feet.
Like Abraxad, transcend the conflicting Polarity.
Be released from the cage which bonds You.
Let Life and Death crawl under Your feet.





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