Poetry of Life (6/14/2013): “Every Man and Woman is a Star”

Every Man and Woman is a Star

by Aur IAO


Man, do you know not your origin?
Have you known not of the point from which you came? 
Have you come to gaze upon the Great Unknown from which you were hewn? 

Come and behold: “As Above, So Below”
The Grand mystery of the Cosmos!
Man is the Universal Nous below.

Fashioned, crafted and molded like its Maker above! 
Oh if you only knew, o child, the powers that you bear.
Would your life be the same?

Same as his progenitor Above, what can he do?
What can he achieve?
And what must he fulfill?

To become like his Maker.
To emulate His attributes.
To return to that pristine, primordial state of Divine incomprehensibility!

Reintegration is the Key.
To transmute yourself back into your point of origin.
Ah, the great mystery of Life!

“Every Man and Woman is a Star”, thus said the Wise, Foolish Magus.
Indeed, your Hidden Nature is brimming with splendour Within.
Waiting, waiting for you to heed the call of your Will.


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