Poetry of Life (3/17/2013): “Remember, O Man”





Do you walk the path of the Prophets, oh man?
Do you partake of the divine Image, oh man of good?

Do you remember that you are the Son?
Do you know that within you is the spark of God?

This do I remind, that you may remember.
This do I say, that you may know.

O Holy Firefly, Divine Light-Bearer!
Know thyself, rise from your stature!

You are not what you think you are,
For what you think you are is nothing but a delusion.

There is something greater than what you are;
For the Son of God that you are, oh man.

Therefore, walk the path of those who came before;
Know thy True and most Holy Will.

That you may realize these things,
That you may come to know the Truth within.

This is the Man of whom Allah is pleased, oh son.
The very Image of the Father in Heaven.


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