Sonnets of Light (1/30/13): “The Song of the Seeker”

The Song of the Seeker

A Ghazal by Oriyahu Yair


Seeker, come at my side;
Search not for anything or anyone else, not ever yourself.

Lover, come at my side
look not from afar, for that which you seek, in truth, is none but Yourself.

Know and realize,
There is no Beloved at all.

Now, contemplate and ask:
“If there is no Beloved, whom does the lover seek?”

Now, let me answer you:
It is none but that Pearl of Pearls that is within Yourself.

Come now, and come to know:
The Lover neither exist.

In this world of illusion, we see nothing but pair of opposites.
For the Seeker that seeks within, and that which he seek is, in truth, none but himself.

Even that which he perceives without, is indeed, the Beloved Himself.
Because in everything and with all, I AM THAT.

Nothing exists before Myself,
therefore, who are you, seeking lover?

Now I will give you an answer:
“I Am that I Am—All That Is.”

Remember this and never stray your thought,
the next morning, you will see yourself married before Me for all eternity.


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