Sonnets of Light: “The Dance of Romance”

The Dance of Romance

A Ghazal by Oriyahu Yair


Beloved, let us dance.
Dance, dance, dance… Here, in the universe that spins and whirls like the hurricane’s eye.

Beloved, let us dance.
Here in the dance floor of Life, where all dance different steps of the same rhythm.

Beloved, let us dance.
In this melody which all musicians and normal folks alike are intoxicated, left estatic.

Beloved, come on, dance with me!
And in this dance of love, let us transform until all things transform into music itself.

Until You and I becomes nothing but a musical note,
and everyone, dancing in the rhythm that we bring.

I am the Reed flute, the Longing instrument, wailing for union;
And You, Beloved One, are the Sitar of Life, giving harmony to all lifeforms.

So come, let Us join together,
until there is no distinction between the music and the dancer;

Until the Sun and the Moon in no distinction merge in trance of Our music,
Until all things, in existence, transforms into an Orchestra of Love!


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