Sonnets of Light (1/25/2013): “The Night of Nights”

The Night of Nights

a ghazal by Oriyahu Yair

"Whose Woods are These?"

Last night, I was visited by my Beloved,
and I trembled, seeing His face.

Last night, my Beloved jumped into my bed,
not knowing what to do, I ran across the hallway and into the Garden of Roses.

That night, I was scared by Him,
and my heart was being faster than its normal pace.

The night when He came,
I was naked with another, so shame brought me into the ground.

Oh, the nights of all nights when You came!
Your face was concealed from me and I cannot see You.

Realizing that night when it was You,
I wish to cry, and weep bitterly for my sins.

Oh, what a shameful night, Beloved!
But still, You took me by the hand and kissed me ferociously!

And that night left me in deep wonder,
“Why, amidst my shame, have You done this?”

It was only that night that I have realized,
the profundity of Your Love.

It was that night when I came to my senses,
and experienced the unconditionality of Your divine Love.

And now, at the darkest night of my poor soul,
O, God of my Heart, return from the very depths of my heart and ignite the flame!

At this very darkness, ignite the fervor!
So that the Dawn of the splendour and newness may arise anew.

That in Your captivating Love I may be born again.
That in Your Divine Mercy, I may, once more, rise from the grave of ignorance!


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