Poetry of Life (1/15/2013): “The Traveler”

The Traveler

by Lucille Illustre


In the road of death have I travelled;
In the sight of darkness have I walked unguided.
I search for the sunlight, but it drifted away from my Eye.
The Illuminating Torch have I lost, Light is no more!

Until a Luminous Being came forth and gave me a Candle;
He asked, “Are you a Traveller?”
“I am lost, and I know not where to go”, I replied.
“Seek the Day, and Quit the Night, Traveller”

And then the Flame of the Candle entered me,
and it became the Flame of my Heart.
And from that Flame, the Eye of my Being awoke;
And now, I see the Path.

Traveller, Traveller,
Wherever you are, bring the Flame with you.
Become a Torchbearer, lead the Way.
Narrow is the Way that leads to Light, become the guide!

Never tarry, don’t be wary.
Though the path be rough.
The Lodge is near for you to rest upon,
can you hear the bells emanating from the Temple?

Walk forward, never lost;
With the Brilliance of Wisdom, how can you be groping?
Let the Light be Your Guide,
Let Life become Your vehicle,
And Love, the fuel of Your mission.

As your journey ends, what can you ever say?
Be thankful that you have lived a life well refined.
And now, look at the edifice that you have built within yourself,
Oh, God treats it now as an apple of His eye.


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