Poetry of Life (12/3/12): “Song of Gratitude”

Song of Gratitude

a poem by Oriyahu Yair


Thank You, O Master, for this Breath of Life;
I am so indebted, for this Life I owe unto You

Light of Illumination, Life of all the Worlds, Love that transforms!
How can I thank You? No words can ever express this feeling of gratitude.

I am raptured by this so called Existence,
So raptured that I am not aware that It is You Itself!

Expressing Yourself through the smile of a Newborn,
the budding of the Rose,
and the brilliance of the Sun!

How great then, O L-rd, is the sweet mystery of Life! 
Many do not understand, and so they curse.

Yet they do not comprehend the greatness of the Present,
nor the Now wherein You do dwell!

So, we thank You, to Whom all thanksgiving and praise are due.
For revealing to us, the Mysteries of Light!


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