Sonnets of Light (11/24/12): “I Am Always With You (For You)”

I Am Always With You

(For you, you know who you are)

a Ghazal by: Stanley Castro

O Love, wherever you are, I am always with you;
I am the lips that kisses your wishes come true.

O Love, whenever you call the name of G-d,
I am the very voice that He speaks, which answers your every petition.

So wherever you are, whenever you call upon my name,
Like the wind, like the breath that emanates from God, oh am I like!

I will pray for you, and I will also be the answer to your prayer;
I will sing for you, and I too, will also be your song.

So, dear Love, do not hesitate to come close;
I will be unto you a wish-fulfilling gem, a philosopher’s stone!

Everything you touch, through the power of my love, will turn into Gold! 
Everything you speak, through my passion for you, will turn into reality!

So, dear love, do not be afraid!
I will love you even until the end of all ages, even if you lose your faith in me! 

For I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
and I always will…
Even if you continuously renounce me.


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