Poetry of Life (11/20/12): “The Elegy of Separation”

“The Elegy of Separation”
A poem by Stanley Castro

Embrace me, Beloved one, for I long for your presence!
Do not hesitate to see me, no, for it pains me to see you not.
With every absence of you, I cannot withhold the pain.
A love yet to be forgotten, yet, lingers as a past yet to be reborn!
Reaching out deep from within our hearts, it echoes!
Do not close your heart, Beloved, I beg you, give me a chance.

Joy that has ended, I still seek, I still yearn.
O, because of this separation, I am in deep pain.
Hearken to me now, and let your hatred consume me not, o Dearest!
Now, I call unto you, hearken unto me, Beloved! Hear the cries of my heart!

As my life draws near, I have only one wish,
That you seal this life lived well with a fiery kiss;
O Beloved, my first love, remember these words.
Now, come, let your heart kept sealed be opened unto me!


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