Sonnets of Light: “I Am your resting place”



“I Am thy Resting Place”
a ghazal by: Oriyahu Yair

Come, My Lover, and rest into My arms;
I know that you are weary from the torrents of worldly care, rest into My arms!

Let My Love be a soothing balm, and the amrita reviving your lifeless eyes,
So come, do not hesitate, rest in My arms!

Cry, cry, cry all of your worries; No, do not be afraid, I bring you no harm.
I can see from your eyes that you are tired, so come, rest into My arms!

While you are asleep, as your consciousness drifts away from the world,
I will bring you into the fragrant Field of Roses, so come, rest into My arms!

This world will only bring you burden,  for the toils of life are harsh.
I will embrace you now, so rest into My arms! 

Through the Rose you will come into the Cross, and the Cross through the Rose.  I am the Rose of Life,  I will redeem you from the Cross of the World, come, rest into My arms! 

I, your Maker, your Beloved, will never forsake thee, for I am Thy rest.
So come, while you are in distress, embrace Me now, and rest into My arms!


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