Poetry of Life (11/17/12): “The Triangle of Existence”

The Triangle of Existence
a poem by: Oriyahu Yair

From my heart, I can now see the beauty of the world,
And it is all because of you, O Dearest Love.

Three essences have you brought into my Being: Light, Life and Love.

The Illumination of Your Light encircles me,
It is the very pinnacle of my existence.

The Breath of Life which you breathed within me,
it is the very fuel of my existence.

And the Love, Oh, the Love that intoxicates me,
it is the very Fire which makes my whole being dance!

Oh, the Triangle of Existence!
From these Three have you made the Cosmic Powers work!

The Trinity of Permanence, the Countenance of Divinity;
Light, Life, Love… The Stages of the unfoldment of Consciousness!

Let this Triangle serve as a Torch,
leading the way towards the Field of the Holy Apples, the Abode of the Presence.

Oh Light, Illuminate me!
Oh Life, Invigorate me!
Oh Love, ensconce me!

Until my Being becomes the Trinity of the Cosmos!
And now, like G-d, in His image, have I become.

Thus, in this similarity of form,
Will I merge back to the very source of my existence, my G-d!


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