The Cry of Union

The Cry of Holy Union

a Poem by Oriyahu Yair

O L-rd of the Cosmos,
Kindle the Flame from the Centre of Your Being and consume me!
For I lust for Thy Love!
L-rd, you indeed are a Consuming Fire!

I am raptured by my bursting Passion,
O L-rd, make love with my Luminous Soul!
And kindle that which sparked from long ago.
That all the  Worlds may blaze with Thy brilliance!

I thirst for You, dear Beloved,
Let Us cleave in this Union of Love!
I yearn to see You face to face,
Veil not from me Thy dazzling Countenance.

Make me Thy lover, make me Thy consort,
And with the Waters flowing from Thy root, purify my Soul;
And then will I lie peacefully at last at the core of Thy Womb,
Then will I say that I have lived my life well and fulfilled.


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