Poetry of Life (10/27/12): “Union of Love”

Union of Love

a Poem by Stanley Castro

I’d rather be awake than to be sleeping in the arms of someone else;
I’d rather be asleep than to be awake in a day without you.

So I guess this paradox of presence and absence confounds me,
O the bittersweet price and reward of Love!

It lingers into my heart burning with much fervour,
Arouse me more and more towards you!

O, let me soother you with Love, Young one;
Until we are none.

Let this fire consume us,
and let this Waters sweep us away;

In union we will melt in ecstasy,
As I come towards you and as you towards me.

Conceal not your countenance from me;
confound me not with you cunning ploys.

And in this game of hide-and-seek,
I will never release you as I see you;

Let time, space and motion dissipate from reality
until none is left but our burning desire! 


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