Poetry of Life (10/12/12): “The World is a Mirror”

The World is a Mirror
a poem by Rabbi Migdal Oz

Yesterday, I laughed at the rich man’s hypocrisy;
But today, I weep at the revelation but he is nothing but the reflection of myself;
Yesterday, I was disgusted by the lowliness of a beggar’s stature;
But today, I abhor myself for triviality of the vanities of which I indulge upon.

What is man’s dominance to beast, if all is futile?
We are nothing but dust upon scales, and yet I pride myself in all things?
What am I, then? But an animal dominated by my illusive desires!
Who am I to judge you, the sweetest reflection of my bestial self?To Judge you is to judge myself;

To scorn you is to scorn myself.
Am I nothing but the mirror of all things?
The poor and the rich, the good and the evil within?

But to transmute my Inner dross is to transform the earth’s dust into gold,
To look within, instead of without is to see the Inner Light in all things;
What is it to transform in you, my friend, if you are the reflection of myself?
So here, I am to look within; to seek the lies that I have seen in you within myself.

For in the end, all is ONE;
There is nothing in the Cosmos that is not a part of all things.


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