Poetry of Life (9/29/2012): “Shabbat of my Soul”

Shabbat of My Soul

A poem by Oriyahu Yair

O Shabbat of my Soul, the Abode of my Being
Unto Thee I lay mine whole being; into Thy hands of Love and Power I seeketh refuge.

Though this self speaketh of separation, deep within the Inner core of my Being,
I can hear my Beloved’s Light pulsating rapidly!

Why is there such as a Beloved and a Lover? Cannot they be One in Essence and In Being?
O, how our Being cries! Confounded upon this Duality of a Lover and a Beloved!

Nigh, there neither a Beloved nor a Lover, but there is only the Light of the Everlasting Infinite All!

Pulsating rapidly, Illuminating all the Worlds!

No separation lies, know that he who speaketh such and tells that the Beloved and His Lover are divorced are slanderers!
The Beloved dwells in the Innermost centre of the Lover, and the Lover in turn is sheltered under the Shadow of His wings!

Thus, the Bridegroom and the Bride, peacefully rests in each other’s Abode, without separation! They are the Shabbat of each other’s weeks!
The Light rests WITHIN the Womb of the Presence, and the Presence in turn with the sheltering of the Light! 

And being with Thee, O Shabbat of my Soul, is beyond any silver and gold gathered by the merchants of Persia! It is priceless, beyond the value of Rubies, this Love and Might bestowed that no words can utter!

O Shabbat of my Soul, let me rest into Thine arms. In eternal repose, in one, with Thine scintillating splendor.
The Song of Light concludes, Blessed be Hashem forever and ever. Amein and Amein!

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