Fiat Lux


by Frater L.D.I

Fear, Superstition and Ignorance shall dissipate from the World. With the dawning of the Light, Darkness is no more.

The Heavens and the Earth will join in harmony, and all the peoples of the earth in communion with one another in the bond of  Oneness, Harmony and Peace;

Neither of us shall distinguish between day and night, and now, who shall say that there is suffering? None. 

See, and you shall understand; Listen, and you shall hear, all those living in fear, because of the veil of superstition and ignorance that has wrought us. If only will you hear, you shall cry no more.

Out of Darkness comes Light, and you shall receive the fruit of your endurance: Bliss, Happiness, Joy and Equilibrium.

It is the Ignorance of the Self, and the Fear it produces, rather, that makes one suffer. 

Whosoever shall know the Innermost, he shall not live in the Darkness of Life, but rather, in the Splendor of the Light.


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