Poetry of Life (9/28/2012): “The Conclusion of Love”

The Conclusion of Love

a Poem by Stanley Castro

Every hour that passes by I look back to you,
As nostalgia from olden days came by to haunt this conscience;
Consigning you into oblivion is the hardest thing to do, this I find as true.
Regret and melancholy afflicts me as I watch you on a far distance.

 Daunted by fear, how can I confront you, Beloved one?
You are the fairest amongst the maiden, my first dearest!
Why have you cast me aside, o Fair one?
Let me speak of the words of which my heart longs to say, so that you may have witnessed.

Will you be able to acquit, Beloved, the transgression I have done?
This heart will never stop its course until you open yourself unto me.
To say the things of which you have kept since time primordial, let the words of your mouth beacon!
Let us open our hearts in revelation for us too see!

A past is an illusion that we all carry,
To be mindful of it is liken to a chain we carry for burden;
This affection though amidst of it will never tarry,
As each passing moment it is determined to deepen.

Rigorously, I have kept this silence for so long;
Will time allow us to speak our minds?
First of love as it may be; so soon you are gone, will I still be able to sing this song?
First romance that brought this start, o so soon will meet its ends!


Do what thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law!
Love is the Law, Love under Will; Let not fools mistake our Love.
For so long to you was I in awe,
For how long then, from this stature will I be raised above?

A love unrequited is not tragic as it may seem,
To learn from the wounds of the past is the quintessence!
                Oh, fairest of all, as we part ways, I wish to express my gratitude with a brilliant gleam.
Never will I forget even a single memory in your absence!

Remember, my dear, that this affection is undying;
As the Rose amongst the Thorns, so is my Love among the maidens living! 

Your name is revealed, the seal has been unveiled;
The final song has been sung, the revelation of the concealed has begun!
To those who have the eyes to see, see! To those who have the ears to listen, listen!


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