Sonnets of Light (9/20/2012): “Dialogue of Wisdom”

Dialogue of Wisdom 

by: Lucem Ferre

Tell me the things you wish to have known,

And I will answer you with a whisper in the wind;

My Teaching is like that field that you have sown,

Which, when its produce is faithfully cultivated, will make our Essence bind.

So enter into the vineyard, Beloved One,

Drink the juice flowing from the Tree of Life!

I can see your face now illumined as the sun,

giving Love to all creations yearning for My love!

Question not with your feeble mind the melody which sprang from My Will,

Hear it with pleasantness and joy, then you will discern!

You will heed once you have made your being still,

behold I will open for you the Gates of Return!

To know Me one must struggle to merit,

for one cannot attain what he has not earned.

The Bread of Shame are eaten by those who selfishly lust for My secret,

and the Eternal Light for those who, with genuinity, yearned! 


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