Poetry of Life (9/20/2012): Lemuria Rising

Lemuria Rising

a poem by: Lucem Ferre

Behold the Land of which the L-rd was pleased,
The Islands of the Seas from which sprang honey and milk blessed!
Tanned are the skins of its inhabitants,
Yet their Souls, radiant and alluring, are enclothed with God’s brilliance!

Scattered are them from the rest of the Earth,
yet their footmarks never leave the soil’s dirt;
Servants are they from the lands foreign,
Yet their Wisdom and Kindness will place upon the land God’s reign!

Lemuria, Lemuria, Ophir of the East, still are you G-d’s beloved land,
Scattered Islands where reigned the Chosen race refined!
Sons of the Palace, Daughters of the King;
They are the inhabitants of the Land where the Angel of God will sing!

From your Gold purest were the Temple of G-d established,
Reflecting the brilliance of your Soul polished!
Pearl of the Orient, Eden lost;
Your cries will mark Shambhala’s return.

Oh how I wait and see, and witness Lemuria’s rising!
Like the Phoenix will your resurrection be,
Oh when that hour will come, I will die with my hear singing!


2 thoughts on “Poetry of Life (9/20/2012): Lemuria Rising

  1. AMP says:

    I love this painting by Nicholas Roerich! And I would love to see Lemuria rise again ang bring glory to humanity!

    • chevraiakadishaphilippines says:

      Yes, it will rise soon. Not geographically, but SPIRITUALLY and CULTURALLY. Like the Phoenix that has undergone rebirth for millions of aeons, so to will Lemuria rise, as Spiritual Warriors and as Servants of the King. 🙂

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